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Joyful, Passionate, Detailed

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Enthusiasm Guaranteed

I love designing flowers and helping in the planning of events. My clients put a lot of thought into their day. They are excited about their wedding or event and I am too. I love sharing my ideas with them so they can share their story with all their guests.

Confidence in Execution

‘If you are going to do it, do it right (perfect)’, whispers my mother’s voice in my head when I work on every project. Thanks to her teaching me an honest work ethic, attention to detail and her super woman organizational skills, these things make me very confident with each new event.

Inspiration and Education

Every day I find inspiration in what I see, who I talk to, what I read and what I hear. My love of learning has never abated. Surrounding myself with creative friends and taking as many courses from designing to crafting, I can keep my creative engine humming.

Studies | Conferences | Workshops with Industry Leaders

  • Georgian College Barrie - Graphic Arts
  • Annual Niagara International Association of Florists Conference & workshop
    • Shane Connelly Royal Warrant of Appointment to HRH the Prince of Wales
    • Rene Van Rems AIFD
    • Francoise Weeks
    • J Schwanke AIFD CFD PFCI
    • Beth O’Reilly AIFD
    • Mandy Majerick AIFD PFCI
      Julie Reed AIFD
  • Hofland Education Presentations & Workshops
    • Pers Benjamin
    • Karen Trans
    • Donald Yim AIFD
    • Loann Burke AIFD
  • Hitomi Gilliam EMC AIFD – Master Class
  • Haliburton School of Art and Design
    • Felting 2016
    • Folded Metal – 2014
  • MacLaren Art Centre – Life Drawing 2013 noun def:

Canadian informal, a person who is extremely eager, zealous or enthusiastic.

I am a keener, and certainly, a keener about everything creative and fun. I could not imagine a week going by without designing something. This blossoming talent originated from watching my very artistic mother, work her magic every day in sewing, knitting, drawing, cooking and general creative ideas of keeping me and my four sisters and four brothers (yes nine of us) healthy, happy and somewhat normal.

My flower dream started with Marie Belcourt (younger sister/my teacher) and me, (older sister by a year/optimist dreamer) opening our flower shop, Flowers & Sense in 1999. We had 12 great years hanging out talking, laughing, loving and designing in our retail store. One day we looked at each other and started talking about more. More time with our families, more time with our clients, more time for ourselves. The nine to six, six days a week, work week wasn’t us anymore. We packed up and moved on.

The best part of the business for me, was my wedding/event clients. So, with the encouragement of my family we built a studio adjacent to our home and opened Nineteen Melrose Flower Studio. So, with the encouragement of my four daughters, (talking to me about alternative ideas on how to have a business) my husband Kees and I built a studio adjacent to our home and opened Nineteen Melrose Flower Studio. My calendar is now marked by walks, meetings with creative friends, trying out new ideas and the rest of the time I am here in my studio working for you.


Partners in Design

Just to let you know, florists don’t go it alone. The days are too long, the demand for new ideas never ending and the joy of sharing irresistible. I am so glad to call on these ladies who have my back for inspiration, information, help and encouragement

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