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christmas 1
christmas 2

Boughs, lights, red, green, white, food, family and friends. This is my list (in order of importance) of things that belong to Christmas. I cannot image having Christmas without the smell of evergreens or a tree. Paramount. Then the lights. Lots of lights everywhere to ward of the darkness on these short December days.

Yes I know lots of people decorate with all sorts of colours at Christmas time but for me it must include red, green and white. Once you have these add in the food, family and friends and voila Christmas. It is as simple as that. We can make Christmas complicated with everything else but really these are the essentials

christmas 3
christmas 5

So, in honour of my list, I give you boughs – lots of boughs, bunches of red roses and a driftwood Christmas tree.

christmas 6
christmas 7
christmas 7

Then white. A full circle of white gerberas, freesia, poms and stock like a drift of snow.

christmas 11
christmas 12
christmas 13
christmas 14
christmas 15
christmas 16

Rich, rich red gerberas and carnations on more boughs.

christmas 17
christmas 18
christmas 19

So gather these things up and get out your yummiest recipes, surround yourself with family and friends and enjoy this wonderful holiday.

Isn’t there anyone who knows what Christmas is all about? ~ Charlie Brown.