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Garden Sun catcher

I love making things for my garden, and I love giving gifts to others for their gardens. Designing stuff for the garden is the best as everything looks amazing in the green palette of summer foliage. This Sun Catcher Mosaic is a fun and easy craft, perfect for a girls ‘crafternoon’ no matter your creative skills! So take an hour or so and pick up your supplies, easily found at your local dollar, department and re-stores and be ready to make something truly beautiful for you or a friend.


You will need:

  • Piece of clear or frosted glass: window, glass shelving, picture frame, microwave tray etc.
  • Glass gems
  • Marbles
  • Beads | plastic or glass
  • Left over glass from stained glass projects
  • Tiles | leftover from kitchen and bath renovations
  • Jewelry
  • Marine & RV Glue | UV resistant. (I really like ‘Goop’).

*Note: for best results keep your selection of beads and glass to three colours

Make sure all your materials are clean using soap and water if necessary or vinegar and water.  Work on a totally flat surface. 


Make a pattern on the glass by simply laying out the pieces without glue. 


For a mandala pattern start with a center focal piece and slowly work the pattern in concentric circles.
For a linear pattern start anywhere on the glass and work the pattern line by line.
Allow for small spacing between beads, glass and tiles. This will give the piece a sense of softness and light.
Take this time to work and rework the pattern until you have the desired effect you seek.


Once you are happy with the design lift each piece from plate and repeat the pattern on a cloth. (this is so the pieces won’t slide away on you)
You will be working from this pattern to assemble the finished mosaic.

Again starting with the center focal piece apply glue (as directed on package) to each piece and start building the mandala on the glass surface.

Often when gluing, the pattern might shift a little – creating either more or less space. Don’t worry about this. Simply have some extra pieces and add in to the pattern, or take out as needed.

Let piece set for at least 12 hours.

If you have made your piece on a frame or window simply attach hooks and hang.

If you have used glass shelving or microwave tray. Glue onto a cast iron shepherd’s hook, trellis or simply prop up in garden against metal garden stakes.

Sit back, pour a glass of wine and admire your unique Sun Catcher Mosaic.

Photography by Jennifer Klementti