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Jelly Bean Napkin Ring

jelly bean napkin ring

Today in the final segment of my Easter DIY series making simply sweet jelly bean napkin rings! Finish your meal and enjoy a sweet treat! Check out my other easy DIYs: Felt Bunnies and her Colourful Plate. Terrific crafts to do with kids!

jelly bean napkin ring

Items needed:

  • Jelly Beans
  • Dental Floss
  • Large Eye Embroidery needle
  • (small hammer & pinch nose plyers if needed)
jelly bean napkin ring

Make sure you have a large eye embroidery needle.

jelly bean napkin ring

Cut 12” length of dental floss.
Single thread needle – no need to knot the end.

jelly bean napkin ring
jelly bean napkin ring

Line up 11 to 12 jelly beans in the pattern you like.

jelly beankin ring

String on jelly beans one at a time. If your fingers are not strong you might need to tap the needle into the jelly bean and pull the needle through with the pinch nose plyers. The needle will get sticky, but don’t bother to wipe off. It will help you hold onto it.

jelly bean nalkin ring

Once you have all your jelly beans strung on the floss tie ends together, knot and then snip of remaining floss.

jelly bean napkin ring

Gently roll over onto napkin.

Photography by Jennifer Klementti